OAK:Tarot of Love and Romance

{August 28, 2007}   Princess of Pentacles

The Princess of Locks is related to many of the other cards in the Tarot. She contains the essential elements of the Tarot Trump cards THE SUN, JUDGMENT, and THE UNIVERSE.
The Princess is also related to the EIGHT of PENTACLES, NINE of PENTACLES and TEN of PENTACLES.

Her Element is EARTH.

She is the classical “femme fatale”, very beautiful and very deadly to those that think human life is something special. What she recognizes and what appeals to her is that the strong and most adaptable will survive and the weak will be destroyed. She is one of the strong.

She has the ability to perceive the fixed Akashic planes and is able to know the underlying reality behind physical events. She understands the real reasons why certain things are happening in life and is not swayed by emotions or philosophical speculations.

Her awareness does not normally concern itself with events more than two hours into the future and she is very caught up in the physical things that are going on around her. She gets so involved in what she is doing that she tends to forget everything else.

She notices just about everything that is going on around her and it keeps her busy just keeping track of all that information. She knows all the gossip and is willing to share it.
She does not have a strong sense of creativity or imagination. But she does have a very strong grasp on physical reality and she has the ability to get things done that others have difficulty doing.

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Who knows why one person gives up and dies while another struggles on through overwhelming odds and comes out on top? We all want to survive. But are we willing to do what needs to be done?


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