OAK:Tarot of Love and Romance

{August 30, 2007}   Ace of Pentacles

Symbol-Half male and half female figure
Meaning- union

At this point both the male and the female are freely generating spiritual, mental, and emotional energy. They each have a strongly developed psychic sense. They each have strongly developed astral bodies and they have each astrally created potential futures for themselves.

They both have a good understanding of the opposite sex and realize that no one can fill the emptiness within themselves. If there is something missing in their lives it is because they themselves have made that choice. No one else can make us complete. We must find completeness within ourselves.

The lesson learned is that when you feel that you need someone of the opposite sex you will never find the right person. Only after you have accepted the loneliness and found peace in a solitary lifestyle will you find the relationship that you seek.

Anyone and everyone is potentially a perfect mate because we are all part of the same universal soul. We are all part of each other. It doesn’t really matter who you have a relationship with if it is a good one.

Male experience:

He is content to live the life of a bachelor and find peace and joy in doing physical activities. Being and doing unite as much as possible and he is able to lose himself in the moment of day to day living.

He discovers the Goddess within himself and seeks to understand more of his feminine nature. He grows above his personal limitations and accepts himself as a sexually attractive person. He understands death and realizes that he is an immortal soul.

Female experience:

She is content to live alone. If she never finds the right man that is okay with her because she has him in her heart. She is a Goddess and life is opening up to her in total aliveness.
She does what she chooses and acts with gentleness and love. She is reborn and realizes once more that sex and male- female relationships are good. She knows that she needs sex for a full and complete life.

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