OAK:Tarot of Love and Romance

{September 7, 2007}   Three of Pentacles

Symbol– Lumberjack wants to embrace her
She hands him ax instead
Meaning- attraction

He has used her high level physical energy as encouragement to achieve those things in life that he wishes for. He is at an all time peak of popularity and success. Still he wants more. He wants her. He tries to get her into a serious relationship with him.

He is beginning to generate low level physical energy and he is sexually attracted to her. He is motivated by lust and other lower level motivations. He tries to force his attentions on her and gain her interest.

The result is that she gives him her excess low level physical energy and encourages his sexual advances to a point. She is still not ready for a sexual relationship and tries to divert his sexual energy into other physical activities.

Low level physical energies are not only sexual energies, they are also the energies of abuse and violence. If he or she has a personal history of violence or abuse these will be activated at this time.

This may include violent fights and quarrels as well as potential rape or enslavement. The point is that he receives her energy through a type of physical domination and she is at this point physically at his mercy, much depends upon the type of person he is. This is potentially a dangerous time for her.

She senses this danger and tries to defuse it by diverting his attention into more harmless areas, areas of non-personal physical activities. This may or may not work.

Male experience:

He is at his peak both physically and socially. He is successful in his life’s goals and thinks he can have anything he desires in life. He wants her and he wants her sexually.
He is powerful and confident and moves in on her easily. He tries to become sexually involved with her and when she resists his advances he tries to force her with his will power. If that doesn’t work he may physically try to force her into doing what he wants. He won’t take no for an answer.

Female experience:

Suddenly she becomes aware of the dark and dangerous side of this charming person that she had been attracted to. His sexual advances seem threatening instead of pleasurable and she senses that he wants control over her.

This turns into a battle of wills that is very dangerous for her and may even lead to physical violence or rape if she is not very careful. He won’t take no for an answer and she is powerless to make him go away. She tries to divert his attention to more harmless subjects and that may or may not work.

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I agree with this allot.

actually ow really actually working together as a team three of pentacles meaning so in love maybe the man is more on this tip then the female.

Lady_M says:

Whoa, I got this in a love reading. Its is supposed to the be a significant other (to be I’m guessing). This scares me.

Does it give a physical appearance of the male?

theoneandonly says:

WOW!!! This describes my situation so much that it really scares me. He’s already started acting this way and I want out. Just like the passage says, he will not let me or the situation go. I expressed to him that I’m not attracted to him in that manner and he told me he don’t believe me. He’s now at the point to where he’s trying to get around me, but I’m really avoiding him because I know it will get violent and maybe lead to rape and/or abuse.

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