OAK:Tarot of Love and Romance

{September 9, 2007}   Four of Pentacles

Symbol– He tries to compromise with her. He is eager.
She agrees to compromise but she is reluctant.
Meaning- seduction

He is generating both high and low level physical energy and is using it to enmesh them physically together. There is not much she can do to prevent him from invading into her personal life.

He is not really the type of person she dreamed about bringing home but that person has never arrived. She is forced to begin generating physical energy. This causes her to think about what she is looking for in a sexual relationship. It is time to be realistic. No one is perfect and she must be willing to compromise if she ever wants to be married.

She is not really in love with him but she has no other prospects in her life at this time either. She cautiously agrees to a much more serious relationship with him. Who knows, maybe it will work out after they get to know each other better.

He is overjoyed at her willingness to go steady and date seriously. He is certain that she will fall in love with him in time. He is madly and passionately in love with her. He is not willing to take it slow and easy.

She begins to absorb physical energy from him and begins to direct his physical activities. He is overjoyed at doing things for her. In this respect they are both using each other to get things that they both want.

She rejects many of her earlier fantasies of the perfect life because they obviously would not come true with him. He is too different from her ideal. Still he is alive and he is all that she has so she will do the best that she can with him.

He is surrounded in love and all embracing feminine warmth. There is nothing left in life to be desired. This is it. This is the dawning of a new day.

Male experience:

He continues to push things. He is madly and passionately in love with her and is certain she will return his passion. He is willing to compromise and do things for her to show her how much he loves her.

They are going steady now and it is almost as if they were already engaged. It would be hard for her to back out of the relationship now. He is forced to be content with the way that things are going.

Female experience:

He is not really what she was looking for but she may never find whom she is looking for. He is a nice person and maybe things could work out between them if she gives it a chance. Almost reluctantly she commits herself to a relationship with him.

She knows that she has already compromised her dream life and she is not willing to compromise any more than she has to. He may not fulfill certain expectations but he had better fulfill other expectations. She expects him to give her the type of life that she wants.

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Coralie says:


I came across this page when doing a search for the meaning of the Four of Pentacles…

I drew this card when asking about a relationship. What does the description above mean where my question is concerned?

Sorry, just a bit confused I came across this lol

I think It might mean you love your bf but you still have a problem with him you put up with him because maybe he can make a better life for the future.

Hellow says:

I love your website and your interpretations on the tarot cards. The way you tell a story for each card and give a point of view from both a male and female point of view makes it eerie because you are spot on! Other websites that I’ve been to always love to give choppy, technical, type detail about the cards interpretation. For me, sometimes I would love a bit more substance, so it’ll seem more real. Thanks a lot!

Anyway, you have an interesting perspective on this this particular topic. I’d love it if you updated this blog regularly! By the way, do you allow your readers to send in topics they would like to personally know more about? Actually I have a question on this issue since I am going through a frustrating situation with a girl I like and I am not sure how to move forward. I’d like to get your comments…or perhaps someone can suggest a book that I ought to check out?

Jk says:

Awsome interpretations. I love your site. You sum up the story perfectly. I enjoy reading this. Thank you.

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JK says:

I just realized it has been a year since I posted my comment. I honestly think you are doing a great job for writing this.

Tanya says:

Omg thank you for having this interpretation, it helps me understand so much!

Tara says:

far out!!!!!! this is exactly what is happening to me! ur amazing!

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