OAK:Tarot of Love and Romance

{July 16, 2008}   Chariot



Symbol-Charioteer is controlling two horses that are trying

to go in different directions.

Meaning-The spiritual forces are joined in harmony

but the physical or sexual forces are working to oppose each other.

THE CHARIOT is related to many of the other cards of the Tarot. It is related to the Princess of Keys, the Ace of Keys and the Ace of Locks.

It’s Element is Fire. It’s power is Earth of Fire. It controls the Sepiroth GEBURAH and the planet MARS.

In the Tarot Trumps this leads from GEBURAH to BINAH.

A point is reached where everything that can be done with spiritual energies has been done. I now feel the need for sexual and physical energies from her. She flirts a little and encourages my attentions up to a point. It is enough so that my dreams begin to have a heavy sexual element to them. My energy is flowing to her and she is rapidly developing an etheric body.

The combining of her energies and my energies reach a point where she is able for the first time to spontaneously project an etheric body. She forcibly pulls etheric male energy out of me to do this. This is a major empowerment for her even though it is not a permanent thing. She knows that she can do it now.

It represents her first experience as a “complete” person by having her own etheric body temporarily activated.

This is so threatening to her co-dependent relationship with her collective soulmate that she abruptly severs all physical contact with me. That contact continues unhindered on the astral and etheric levels through increased astral activity.

Her desire to be a complete person will continue without further physical contact with me. She is on the road to becoming a whole person and having a permanently activated etheric body.

What is happening here is that we have been joined spiritually as one soul but at the physical and sexual lower levels she is joined as one soul to her collective soulmate. This crisis causes the physical break between us. She feels that her physical relationship is too important to lose. Because we are joined at the spiritual levels every action is working toward a peaceful resolution between us in spite of apparent differences. Thus this action to save the relationship with her collective soulmate will put added strains upon it that will ultimately destroy it. Even acts of opposition work to achieve the final goal.

This works in other areas of my life also where my efforts to achieve something are futile or unrealistic. Still the action of doing these actions helps me to resolve serious difficulties in spite of myself. That is the message of this Trump. Our efforts will aid our progress in spite of our self destructive intentions. Our normal self defeating actions open the way for real progress that was previously unexpected. We stumble over the solutions to problems.


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